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Cadet 360

A Complete View of
Maritime Education
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By: Tamera Jody Reul Gilmartin

Chief Mate Unlimited

This website has been designed to provide modern education resources for mariners through providing a wide variety of interactive multimedia resources. This includes the use of VR Training Videos which allow for the opportunity to replicate experiences in a fully immersive manner. 

IAMU VR Database

We are currently working on developing an online space to share VR and other Immersive Technology content for Maritime Education. This project is funded by the IAMU Development Grant

VR Art Exhibition
College Student

Maritime Education Resources

All of my classroom materials for various classes which I teach at SUNY Maritime College, are available for anyone studying these subjects. This includes a wide variety of multimedia resources such as presentations, videos, and apps. I hope you find these materials helpful.

Virtual Reality

If you are an educator interested in creating a Virtual Reality Program through the use of VR Training Videos, we provided some resources which will help guide you through the process. 

Virtual Reality
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