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2018 - 360 Photos

Here are a few 360 Photos taken from using the InstaPro 360 Camera. These were taken during the 2018 Summer Sea Term on board the TS Empire State.


These photos were created to share some of the sights and experiences which the students have while on during the summer.

If you wish a larger view, click on the square in the lower left hand corner of each 360 photo. Enjoy!

TS Empire State - 2 Hatch

Montauk, NY

TS Empire - Main Deck, FRB

Montauk, NY

TS Empire State Port Bridge Wing

Lisbon, Portugal

TS Empire State - Bridge Wing

Montauk, NY

TS Empire - Lifeboat 3

Mauntauk, NY

TS Empire State - Flying Bridge

Montauk, NY

TS Empire - Bow Lookout

Montauk, NY

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