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Virtual Reality


IAMU VR Database


This is a link to the IAMU VR Database which is being funded by the IAMU Development Grant. The purpose of this Database is to provide a location for Maritime Educators to share VR Resources, making Virtual Reality a viable platform for Maritime Education.

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Papers and Conferences

Interested in previous research conducted on VR and 360 Degree Videos for Education? Click here to find out about previous conferences or papers which we have discussed research we have conducted related to these topics.

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VR Training Videos


Looking for 360 Degree Videos related to the maritime industry? Click here to find VR Training Videos created by Tamera Gilmartin, along with other 360 Degree Videos which have been made available by other mariners.


Information about VR for Education

Thinking about starting your own VR Program using 360 Degree Videos? Here we provide some information about equipment, theory, and the creation of VR Training Videos for your own classroom.

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