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These comprehensive sets of Flash Cards will be very helpful when studying the different Light Configurations, Day Shapes, and Sound Signals.
They were made using the free program Anki. This program tracks your use of the flashcards and will present the cards which you have indicated that you need to focus on the most. You can also use this program to create your own flashcards for other subjects as well. It is available on Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS. 
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Rules of the Road 

Flash Cards

1 - Download Anki
First, you must download Anki. This works on a wide variety of platforms including computers (Windows & Mac) and tablets/smartphones (Android & iOS). If using the iOS app, there may be a charge for the app. 
Please follow the directions on their website for downloading the program.
2 - Download the Card Deck
Second, you must download the Card Decks which you wish to use. Download the Rules of the Road Flash Card Decks by clicking on the files here.
3 - Import the Card Deck
- Dredge with Pipeline- Any Size- Inland
Once you have downloaded the program, you must Import the Flash Card Decks. Usually, this will happen by clicking to open the file. It will ask if you want to use Anki. Select "Yes" and it should begin to Import.
If you have issues, here is a link which describes how to directly import a Deck into Anki.
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