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VR Definitions

Terminology Referring to Virtual Reality can be confusing. Here are some definitions which can help when discussing different options available when it comes to Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality - This immersive technology is utilized to display visual and auditory information through the means of a headset. It can be used for a wide variety of applications including gaming systems, 360 movies, and communications. E Oculus Rift

Virtual World - This technology is used to describe a virtual representation of a world. These platforms are usually extremely expansive and allow the user to interact with the world itself as well as other players also present in the virtual space. Example: Second Life

Augmented Reality - This immersive technology is utilized to display a virtual object over a picture of the real world. This combination of virtual placed on top of real world can be accomplished through picture recognition software, GPS position interaction, or simply overlaying the virtual picture on top of a real picture. Examples: AR Flashcards, Pokemon Go, & Google AR Stickers

Simulator - This technology is utilized to accurately represent the interactions which occur in real life, allowing the user to practice or learn how to operate machinery or accomplish various tasks.

Some of these terms can be combined or used in conjunction. For example, you can have a simulator can be displayed through a VR Headset. Example: VR Welding Simulator


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