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Example VR Lesson

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This was a full lesson created by Tamera Gilmartin as a part of a pilot study to explore the use of 360 Degree Videos combined with Virtual Reality as a learning platform. This was found to be an effective platform which was engaging for the students and could be created by a teacher with little experience. However, there were some major findings from this pilot study. 

Major Findings Include:

 - A fully designed lesson helps to support and direct learning. Without a fully developed lesson, it is just a "fun experience"

 - Using the 360 Video as an introduction, leading to discussion worked best. The students enjoyed reflecting back upon experience during discussion

 - Filming technique is essential! It was relatively easy to film, but poor technique or angles made a distracting and disorienting experience

         - Stability of the camera is extremely important. Any movement leads to motion sickness

         - Use the 360 Degree view. Make sure the action is in front and behind

         - Do not get too close to the camera, do not get too far away. Most action should be about 6 feet away


These videos provide good examples of the learning process of how to set up a camera. Some of these videos WILL make you sick if watched on a VR Headset. Viewing using a computer screen is recommended.

Small Boat Alongside

The operation of a small boat coming alongside a larger vessel is a common vessel operation, however it is also very dangerous. It is most often used during a pilot transfer or when launching a fast rescue boat. These videos focus only upon the steps taken when the vessel is coming alongside the vessel, and can apply to both a pilot transfer or the recovery of a fast rescue boat. Some standard videos, demonstrating pilot transfers and the launching of a fast rescue boat are at the bottom of this page.


The following 360 Degree Videos depict the operation of a Small Vessel coming alongside from various viewpoints including the Bridge, the Bow, and the Small Boat. These are 360 Degree videos, so you may look around by either moving your tablet or phone, or clicking and dragging the screen.

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