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Virtual headset

Participate in PH.D Research on Virtual Reality for Maritime Education

We are holding a study which will be exploring how language influences the VR learning experience

Who can participate?

• Students pursuing a degree in Marine Transportation, Marine Navigation, etc. which awards a degree with a deck officer license

• Towards the end of their studies

• Must have some familiarity with Maritime English

Participation involves a short interview and using Virtual Reality to learn about Maritime Education subjects.


Observations and Eye Tracking will also be used to better understand your experience


Expected time will be less than 1 hour

If you have any questions, email the principal investigator:

Tamera Gilmartin - Assistant Professor, SUNY Maritime College -

Consent Form

This link will take you to the consent form. There will be a physical copy for you to sign when you participate, but please feel free to review the consent form prior to participation so that you know what will be expected.

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