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VR Training Experiences

These VR Training Experiences are more than just 360 Degree Videos. They incorporate interactive content to increase the level of engagement and immersion while guiding the learner  towards intended learning outcomes. They are large files, so make sure you have enough space to download fully onto your device before playing. This is being downloaded from a cloud storage system, so you will most likely request you to download and may give a security warning.

Helo Ops

Learn the different aspects of evacuating a crew member via helicopter on a ship.

This is a large download file. Be sure to have at least 2.7GB free

Helo Screenshot.png

Below are some VR Training Videos and other 360 Degree Video resources. This includes a Quick Player if you are interested in just watching videos, links to fully developed lectures with integrated VR Training Videos, and links to other maritime related 360 Degree Videos which other organizations and creators have made available.

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