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This page contains all of the information and resources for teachers who intend to use the 360 Degree Videos in their classroom.

This page will be password protected so that only educators registered with Cadet 360 will be able to access these documents, preventing the students access to these materials.

Lesson - Small Boat Coming Alongside

Small Boat Coming Alongside

This outline will help guide a teacher through the use of our materials when teaching a lesson focused on the operation of a Small Boat Coming Alongside. This will guide you through the various steps including when to hold an in class discussion/lecture, when to provide quizzes or tests, and when to allow your students to explore the 360 Degree Video through a Virtual Reality Device.

Small Boat Coming Alongside

This Assessment Plan identifies the intended learning outcomes and creates a structured method of assessment which guides the student through the lesson, towards the achievement of those learning outcomes. 

This Assessment Plan also contains all worksheets, quizzes, and tests for this lesson.

Small Boat Coming Alongside

This page will contain additional resources and supporting documents related to the lesson of a Small Boat Coming Alongside to help the teacher have a full understanding of the topic, including outside information which may be discussed during the discussion portions of the lesson.

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After you finish the lesson and take the Final Test, please fill out the Course Evaluation Survey so that we can make this lesson better for future Students and Teachers.

Thanks for your help!

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